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We are Dellner Romag. Security Glass and Glazing Specialists

With our combined experience and production capabilities, we create industry leading solutions to your glass and glazing requirements.

Why Dellner Romag?

Our success has been built upon providing innovative solutions to customers' complex requirements and building confidence that our products will perform, endure and exceed expectations.

Modern architecture
What our clients say

“Romag provided excellent advice and service when we were selecting the appropriate glass for the project and delivered what was promised quickly and on time. This gave us confidence to again select Romag’s high quality laminated glass for installation in our new ‘Bengal Gardens’ attraction, which is another unique new research enclosure currently under construction".

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

“We needed a supplier who would also be able to provide specification advice. Romag impressed with their expertise and ability to help with an eye-catching piece of art that will be a great addition to this busy area of the city.”

Weber Industries

"Romag’s PV solution met the requirement for advanced technology to deliver not only a cutting edge, large scale zero carbon development, but also one that’s realistic, affordable and can be replicated across the UK".

Beco energy solutions

"The high quality, high performance architectural glass will provide an impressive addition to the installation and will significantly contribute to enhancing the environment as well as public safety.

Romag provided excellent advice and service when we were specifying glass for the project and delivered what was promised quickly and on time".

Shawton Engineering

"The project benefited from technical support from Romag throughout, which included the specification of processes, glass thickness and recommendations for a decorative interlayer supplier. 

It was important to use a coloured Vanceva layer and decorative printed layer to get the required visuals. Here, Romag impressed with its technical experience and expertise of using these processes together".

Broadbent Studios

“The fusiliers project was an interesting heritage application, reflecting our ability to work with Romag to deliver effective technical solutions that provide long-term high performance and visitor safety benefits. The specification called for a high quality, high performance glass viewing solution with added security, which Romag has provided.”

The Workhaus

“The specification required a high quality glass solution to ensure the safety of the residents. Romag has not only achieved this but provided an eye-catching feature that really enhances the scheme’s overall aesthetics".

M Price

"The Rainbow Bridge is a space of remembrance and quiet reflection which is also intended to be used as a place for creative writing, poetry and art".

"From the inception of the concept Romag helped us with all aspects of using their products and we are delighted with the finish of the glass and were impressed with the technical knowledge and skill from the staff at Romag".


"I chose Romag because they proved to be extremely helpful including trying to pull prices down to suit our budget, guiding us in the template creating and pushing time limits to the extreme in an attempt to get us the required glass. 

I'd use Romag again without a second thought! I have been truly delighted with both their company and their products.

I’m currently modifying our original car that got us the show to make it more synonymous with the Hell Kitty. If I can get split screens accepted on the MOT we will definitely be up for another set!"

Attitude Autos

“Everybody on site was singing Romag’s praises, the site manager and architect both wanted your details and you will be everybody’s first port of call for security glass in the future. Thanks to everybody at Romag for delivering such a high quality product. We look forward to working with you again”

Clarke Group Construction