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High quality production doesn't happen on its own, it takes skill, teamwork and creativity.

Persistently innovating

Dellner Romag is not a company that sits still for very long, we are persistently innovating the company’s products which makes it imperative that we have the best people working for us. We value our people, and the personal skills, experience and qualities that they bring as they are fundamental to our continued success.

Employ around 100 skilled people

We employ around 100 skilled people across various departments. With countless years of experience between us, we know glass and we pride ourselves on the personalised service we provide.

We have a growing order book and if you think Dellner Romag could benefit from your expertise, you can contact the recruitment team on email

Dellner Romag is an equal opportunities employer

  1. Dellner Romag aims to attract the best candidates to work with us. We aim to do this by ensuring we operate a fair and open recruitment and selection procedure, ensuring we meet legislative and equal opportunities’
  2. We will not discriminate against anyone on unnecessary or unlawful grounds. Our aim is to select the best candidate, regardless of their background, age, lifestyle, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic origin, religion or belief.
  3. All employees involved in the recruitment and selection process will be fully trained including equal opportunities. We will ensure that all managers who participate in the process are trained in the law and good practice relating to recruitment.
  4. All correspondence and papers relating to recruitment and selection, including application forms, feedback and appointment letters will be treated confidentially and used only for this purpose. Information will be kept on file for each recruitment scheme for 6 months.
We are always looking for talented people to join our team. Please enquire at