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Testing Facilities

Achieving the balance between design and practicality

As a bespoke glass processor, Dellner Romag is asked to develop new constructions of glass that push the boundaries of design capability but also have to adhere to strict security and safety standards.

To be able to achieve the delicate balance of design vs. practicality, Dellner Romag has an onsite testing facility for our security, architectural and rail glass products. The facility consists of a live firing range for BS EN 1063, a drop and impact test area for BS EN 356, and a high pressure velocity cannon for rail impact testing. The cannon room includes environmental testing and can be refridgerated to replicate arctic conditions, and heated to replicate desert conditions.

For project based work, particularly in the rail and transport markets, our clients are invited to witness the tests in action, to get a feel of how their design looks, but also to see how it performs in conditions. 

To arrange a visit, contact our team by emailing

Bullet Resitance - Slow Motion

Dellner Romag's bullet resistant glass is some of the strongest and lighest on the market and we owe that to hours of dedication from our technical team who always strive to develop our capability in glass. 

Our slow motion video is filmed from the front and then the reverse to see how the impact is absorbed by the glass. 

Physical Impact Resistance

How strong is phyical security glass? Dellner Romag was fortunate enough to be sent an independent test of our physical security glass by a client. To achieve the standard of P8B the glass must remain in tact for a minimum of 71 blows. After 20 minutes, and 130 hits, the test was abandoned. 

Cannon test

Our cannon room is usually used for rail projects to ensure our windscreens conform to BS EN 15152. A 1kg domed aluminium impactor is fired out of a high pressure air cannon at a speed determined by the operating speed of the train (train max speed plus 160Km/hr).

The test is conducted in ambient, extreme heat and extreme cool conditions in each corner of the windscreen and the centre and is deemed successful projectile has not penetrated the windscreen and glass fragments have not been released inside the driver's cab. Dellner Romag has won significant contracts with global train builders due to it's capability of developing new technologies, incorporate sleek designs and test all on site.

After the development stage, all of Dellner Romag's products are then tested and certified independently.