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At Dellner Romag, we have unrivalled experience in producing glass solutions for commercial properties. We are able to offer many products that are particularly suitable for the sector, including low iron, anti-reflective, solar control and security,glass.

Structural glass for facades, stairs, floors, balustrades, and acoustic internal partitions are all areas of our expertise — if it’s technically possible we can provide the solution for your project. We specialise in glass products that can be applied to a whole range of purposes, including laminated, curved, and printed glass. We can even incorporate LED lighting into our glass laminates to bring a truly modern feel to your building project.

For complete protection, especially for vulnerable businesses or stores with high-value stock, we offer our Physical Security Glass. This glass is thin and light, yet offers excellent protection from aggressive and sustained physical attack; fully tested and certified to BS EN 356. The glass is an excellent deterrent to smash and grab crime and is regularly recommended worldwide by insurance brokers.

For items of particular high value such as designer jewellery, footwear and watches, anti-reflective glass is the ideal solution; the glass allows less than 1% reflections and light transmission of 97%, banishing reflections and colour distortion for unparalleled viewing.

Solar control glass can be built into shop fronts and are ideal for patisseries and jewellers where excessive heat can affect product quality, this eliminates the need for canopies that distort the overall look and kerb-appeal of the store.

Whether it is shop fronts, display cases, staircases internal partitions or fire resistant glazing, Romag has the solution.

We have worked with banks, jewellers, designer brand stores, and post offices in the past. For a closer look at our retail glass in action, take a look at our work on our project with William and Son, a London jeweller.

Key features:

  • Suitable for windows, display cases, balustrades, flooring, staircases and walls
  • Completely bespoke to suit your project requirements
  • Options on security up to BS EN 356 (physical security) and BS EN 1063 (bullet resistant)
  • Technical design team for advice and guidance
  • Optional embellishments such as printing and tinting
  • Options on PVB or SGP interlayers

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Some of the thinnest, enhanced security glass on the market
  • High level of optical clarity for unobstructed vision
  • Suitable for curved glass
  • Printing and tinting options available

Application Areas

  • High value retail display
  • Glass Showcases and Viewing Panels
  • Animal enclosures for Zoo's
  • Jewellers
  • Banks and Currency Exchange
  • Government Buildings
  • Secure Centres, Detention Centres
  • Cash in Transit Vehicles
  • Post Offices