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The ultimate in glass protection for critical infrastructure.

In recent years security has become more prominent when designing, renovating or redeveloping high risk buildings and other critical infrastructure. Romag security glass has been engineered to resist significant levels of force from physical, bullet, fire and blast attack; through deliberate or accidental means in a discreet, non-intrusive way.

Seven decades in the industry and with some of the thinnest, lightest and strongest glass on the market, our security glass fits effortlessly into modern and traditional architecture. Our no spall technology prevents the splintering of glass which can cause significant injury if in close proximity to the glass whilst damaged.

Our glass can be found in airports, railway stations, oil and gas processing stations, government buildings worldwide. Fully tested and certified to international standards, the glass is customisable for seamless integration into everyday constructions.

For more information on glass for infrastructure, contact the sales team on +44(0) 1207 500000 or

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