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High performance glass that goes the distance

We are widely recognised for the manufacture of safety and security glass throughout the transport glass market. Thanks to our extensive experience, innovation and collaborations with some of the most respected manufacturers around the world, our glass is widely used by the biggest names in rail, and security vehicle manufacturing.

Within the rail industry, we have the experience and technical capability to create complex windscreens, body side windows and interior safety glass constructed to the latest industry standards and shipped worldwide - head over to our Bombardier project page to find out more about our work with this prestigious client.

Our expertise in the security market makes us ideally placed to manufacture transport glazing solutions for government, military, and cash in transit vehicles. With solutions ranging from protection against non-ballistic physical attack to the ballistic threat of armour-piercing bullets and RPGs.

Our security range incorporates some of the thinnest and lightest specifications on the market; with unbeatable clarity for uncompromised vision, and no spall options that can withstand severe attack without compromising the safety of the driver or passengers, hence we are also often first choice for our clients. 

As well as providing products for original equipment, we also support the after market for both recent and past vehicles, having a large portfolio of products for buses, trains and commercial vehicles

Refurbishment projects, typically for trains and buses, can be enhanced with historic products being replaced by newer, modern designs complying with the latest industry standards.

Furthermore our experienced design and engineering team can work with clients to create replacement products so as to extend vehicle life.  If you have a project in mind, get in touch to find out more.

Key Contacts

Application Areas

  • Rail - rolling stock and infrastructure
  • Military Vehicles
  • Cash in Transit vehicles
  • Marine
  • VIP vehicles