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Rail, Underground, Metro & Tram

Specialists in glass for rolling stock and infrastructure

We are experts within the rail glass market, producing solutions for trains that are the very best in the sector. Our name is synonymous within the industry for the complete plan and produce of glazing systems — we can truly be considered a ‘one stop shop’ for all rail glass requirements. 

Whether it is a simple interior partition, or the most sophisticated impact resistant, curved heated windscreen, we have the capability and technical prowess to design and manufacture to the latest industry standards. Take a look at our rail glass product page for a full specification of our capabilities.

Our partners are truly worldwide and we are often commissioned during the initial design stage as a consultant advising designers on both specification and design. From rolling stock to high speed intercity platforms, Romag have produced some of the most technologically advanced train glazing for our customers. You can even take a closer look at our work with Bombardier SSL on their contract with Transport for London.

We have unrivalled technical experience within the train glass market — our design team relish the challenge of new projects and excel in providing a complete design and manufacture service. Our stringent quality procedures and in house testing facility ensure all products are produced to the relevant international standards.

We work closely alongside UK based Dellner Polymer Solutions, supplying glazing, vibration control and polymer solutions as a single, integrated package for the rail industry.

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Application Areas

  • External rail glass
  • Windscreens
  • Rail interior glazing
  • Bodyside windows
  • Luggage racks and stacks
  • Draught screens, interior doors and partitions