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External Rail Glass

Rail Glass -External Train Glass

Dellner Romag designs and manufactures high-quality, versatile glass for train builders globally for all rail vehicles including DMU/EMU trains and LRV’s including trams and metros.

Our partners are worldwide and we are often commissioned during the initial design stage as a consultant - advising engineers on both specification and design – as such, Dellner Romag has produced some of the most technologically advanced glazed solutions for the rail industry.

From our 125,000sq ft. factory in County Durham, we manufacture world class windscreens, driver cab windows, passenger body side windows, doors, headlight covers and PIS systems. 

We have unrivalled technical expertise within the rail glazing arena. Our design team relish the challenge of new products and excel in providing the complete design and manufacture service and we work collaboratively with some of the world’s largest train builders. 

Bends and curves

Dellner Romag has the skill and experience to produce the most complex of shapes without compromising optical quality. The mould preparation is a highly skilled process conducted by our fabrication team and we work to templates. Our capabilities in curved glass are so advanced we have supplied complex curved windscreens to Bombardier for Crossrail and SSL.

Flat glass

As well as complex curves, Romag supplies single and double-glazed units to specification for passenger windows and doors. Our high-performance glass meets regulations and expectations including containment post impact, telephone attenuation, pressure pulse testing and small missile impact resistance. 


Romag offers the capability of heating both flat and curved glass for rapid de-icing and de-fogging to ensure the driver’s vision is not compromised. This can be produced through the use of coatings on the glass surface or micro fine wires inside the lamination. Heating is designed to the clients’ specification to achieve the required power density over a range of voltages. 

Impact Resistance

Romag is proud to have an onsite testing facility enabling us to test our products to the latest standards GM/RT2100 BS EN 15152, GM/RT2456 and BS857 as well as many others that predate them. We are also working towards our IRIS accreditation. 

Romag is proud to supply to the world's leading train builders, including Bombardier, Hitachi Rail Europe, Siemens Rail, CAF and Alstrom. We would be delighted to discuss how our train glass products could help your project. Get in touch with us by email or by calling +44 (0)1207 500 000.


Key Features

  • High tolerances
  • Outstanding protection against bird and stone strike
  • Excellent optical and visual properties
  • Fully tested and certified to European standards GM/RT2100, BS EN 15152, GM/RT2456, BS857 and working towards IRIS
  • Flat and curved glass
  • Tested to extreme climate conditions

Application Areas

  • Windscreens
  • Body side windows
  • Doors
  • Cab windows
  • Headlight covers
  • PIS displays