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Luggage Racks & Stacks

Luggage racks

When it comes to train interiors, we combine state of the art technology with cutting edge innovations to produce bespoke glass luggage racks and stacks, exactly to the clients precise specification. 

Our highly skilled design and technical teams can produce a range of glass options. whether you want the simplest of shapes or a more complex curve.  Using our specialist machinery, we can edge the glass to specific shapes to suit the need of the client, and our range of furnaces allow the glass to be moulded into complex bends and curves.

We also offer several different colour and pattern options, specialist edge finishes, and designs that are bespoke and unique.  All of our interior glass products conform to latest group standards.

For more information contact our team on 01207 500000 or email

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Bespoke shapes and curves
  • Patterned Finish options

Application Areas

  • Bespoke Luggage Racks
  • Bespoke Luggage Stacks