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Rail Interior Glazing

Interior glass 1

Our brand is known globally within the industry for the design and manufacture of interior glazing for tier 2 rail suppliers. We produce a wide range of glass components for draught screens, interior partitions, luggage racks, luggage stacks and interior light covers to specification.

Our technical team have unrivalled experience in the rail glazing arena, and are able to work with designers to create bespoke, stylish interiors for all rail vehicles including DMU/EMU trains and LRV’s including trams and metros.

Stock options

Our glass can be processed to a wide range of finishes including low iron, anti-reflection, shapes and curves, polished edges and even custom printing and tinting.

We would be delighted to discuss how our train glass products could help your project. Get in touch with us by email or by calling +44 (0)1207 500 000.

Key Contacts

Application Areas

  • Draught screens
  • Interior doors and partitions
  • Luggage racks
  • Luggage stacks
  • Light covers
  • Passenger Information Systems