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Bombardier SSL Windscreens - 4

We are a world leader for innovation in glass. Many of our clients have come to us needing solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Our technical design team has the specialist experience and know-how to keep pace with transportation innovation and we take customers’ exacting new specifications and standards on board to develop the very best solution. 

Doing so, we have secured many design and build contracts, like the asymmetric, compound curved windscreen for Bombardier’s Crossrail. Curved in all directions it is typical of the way we shape glass conform to incredibly demanding parameters in contours, composition and quality. Performance Our continual investment in new technologies ensures we provide bespoke, reliable solutions of the highest quality that keep us ahead of our competitors and our customers at the forefront of their markets. Whether it is a train or tram windscreen, glass for side body doors and windows, internal glass and headlights or attractive architectural, structural or security glass for stations; these are all solutions that Romag as an expert glass processor has successfully delivered – from idea conception to installation. 

Every job is bespoke, but bespoke doesn’t always mean small quantities; for example we are set to produce 13,514 double-glazed passenger side windows for 886 carriages for the 65 trains that will run on the UK East Coast and Great Western main lines. Whatever the scale of your project, our industry-leading design team and multi-skilled, highly experienced workforce will provide high quality glass that gives you the edge in your market.

We offer the capability of heating both flat and curved glass for rapid de-icing and de-fogging to ensure the driver’s vision is not compromised. This can be produced through the use of coatings on the glass surface or micro fine wires inside the lamination. Heating is designed to the clients’ specification to achieve the required power density over a range of voltages. 

We take quality standards and product testing very seriously. All our curved glass products are independently tested and certified to BS EN 14449 for laminated glass.

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Glass thickness from 2mm
  • Manufactured to high tolerance levels
  • Ideally suited to complex architectural and transport projects
  • High optical quality

Application Areas

  • Windscreens for rail and transport
  • Body Side Windows for rail
  • Partitions
  • Fixed screens