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We make world-class military grade security glass for vehicles that are exposed to extremely high risk of attack. Our vision panels are some of the thinnest and lighest in the market, making them extremely popular, particularly for military vehicles.  We manufacture armoured glass for ballistic threat, from STANAG 1 to STANAG 3 accoring to STANAG 4569 for military armoured vehicles.

We have been making vision panels for over seven decades, and our technical team are well practiced in creating glass to bespoke specifications as new vehicles are built to respond to changing threats in the modern world.

We know that safety is the absolute priority, which is why we recommend anti-spall for all of our vision panels. Our technology also allows us to manufacture glass vision panels that are compatible with night vision technology, meaning our safety glass is also highly functional, keeping personnel safely behind our glass.

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Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Fully customisable to specification
  • Maximum visibility and minimum distortion
  • Available to conform to BS EN 1063 and up to STANAG level 4
  • Some of the thinnest constructions on the market
  • Curved and flat glass options
  • Tested to temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C
  • Compatible with night vision technology

Application Areas

  • Cash in transit
  • Military vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Anti-mine vehicles