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JCB owner Rick Ingham Copywright

We have produced windscreens for over four decades. During that time we have produced armoured windscreens for many well known security firms such as G4S, Centigon, JCB, Land Rover Jaguar and Johnsons Security.

We have a highly experienced fabrication team that is able to create bends and curved profiles to templates. Paired with our on-site testing facilities and dedicated technical team, we have developed a range of security glass tested to the latest international standards that will not only meet standards in design and optical quality, but provide steadfast protection against a range of threats.

From smash and grab crime, to ballistic attack, we have the knowledge, technical experience and independent certification to provide a solution that will protect drivers and assets from external threats. Moreso, our experience and technical prowess means we are able to design a glass construction which can achieve high levels of protection at the lowest weight possible. 

Key Contacts

Key Features

  • Curved and flat glass
  • Compatible with heat mats for heated windscreens
  • Can work to templates
  • Anti-spall provides complete protection for the driver
  • Available in BS EN 356 and BS EN 1063
  • Tinted windshield options for privacy

Application Areas

  • Cash in transit vans e.g. Sprinter
  • Military vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Anti-mine vehicles
  • Rail vehicles including DMU/EMU trains and LRV’s including trams and metros
  • Logistical vehicles